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Best Mother's Day Jewelry to Buy in 2022

Celebrations in honor of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to ancient times, but have you ever wondered how Mother’s Day as we know it came to be? 

It was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in honor of her mother – and in 1914, it became an official holiday in the United States. Throughout the years, Mother’s Day traditions evolved, but one thing has remained a constant: presents. And the most popular kind of present for Mother’s Day is jewelry.  

Buying gifts for special occasions such as this can be challenging, but no need to worry – we are here for you. In the next lines, we’ll share our 10 best ideas for jewelry pieces to gift your mom this year.   


Golden embrace

If you want your mother to have something that is always close to her heart, and can also be adapted to any style, occasion, and situation, we recommend a gold necklace. Such a gift can never go out of style.

Jewelry for mother's day


Golden heart - The Mother's Day Heart Pendant You'll Treasure Forever

What goes better with a gold necklace than a golden pendant? We all know a mother’s care is the biggest in the world – gifting her a golden heart would be a perfect representation of that kind of selfless and caring love.

Mother's Day Heart Pendant


Golden earrings - An Elegant Gift You Can't Go Wrong With

You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings. These delicate golden heart earrings will emphasize your mother’s natural beauty, accentuating her lovely features.

Comforting touch - A Suggestion for the Perfect Mother's Day Bracelet

If you ever feel like you need some comfort, who do you go to? A mother’s hug is always the best medicine, with her gentle hands going through your hair while you feel embraced and welcomed. If this is a scenario that reminds you the most of your mother, then buying her a golden bracelet for Mother’s Day is a perfect choice.

Mother's Day Bracelet


Our beloved queen - Picture Her Wearing these Mother's Day Earrings

Imagine a woman who is strong, independent, powerful, smart, and always knows how to lead in every single situation. A true queen, right? If this reminds you of your mother, then what better gift to give her than earrings worthy of a queen.

Mother's Day Earrings


Soft but strong

If your mother is a gentle soul who enjoys feeling like a princess, adorned with beautiful jewelry, we have a perfect piece for her.

Make her feel like royalty with these silver earrings.

 Silver earrings


Rosace or a rose?

Buying flowers for Mother’s Day is a thoughtful idea, and most certainly a beautiful one. So, why not complement it with a rosace shape jewelry piece that will last forever? If she prefers to wear rings, then a rosace ring is the way to go.

And if she wants to have your gift close to her heart, this beautiful pendant necklace would be perfect.


Cherry inspiration

Has your mother ever told you about her adventures as a young girl? Imagine her walking among flowers blossoming and connecting with her surroundings. 

Delicate cherry blossoms represent renewal, a new beginning. Cherry trees in bloom give us a feeling that something exciting is about to come; they tell us that nature is our greatest source of life and inspiration. If your mother feels the same, gifting her cherry blossom earrings or a necklace would help her feel inspired every single day.


Pearls never go out of style

If your mother prefers simpler, more elegant pieces, we have a perfect Mother’s Day gift for her: our long necklace made out of the finest 19.2 karat golden threads intertwined with classy pearls. It's simply right and stylish for every occasion! You can already picture the smile on her face when she puts it on, right?  

It's always a good idea to surprise your mother with a thoughtful gift. If you really want to do something special, look for Mother's Day jewelry she'll remember for the rest of her life.

And remember: no matter what gift you chose for Mother’s Day, make sure to treat your mom with love and respect throughout the whole year. Mothers are the nurturing force of the world and they deserve to be appreciated. Send our love to your amazing mother! 


Mother's Day jewelry

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