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Meet Pedro Xavier: Designing Filigree Masterpieces with Love

In any beautiful jewelry piece, there’s a story. Traditional pieces take us back to our childhood, grandparents, aunts. That’s why it’s said some jewels never go out of fashion.

At VIANA, Jewelry is more than a fashion statement: it‘s an expression of true love and beauty in everyday life. Which is why our filigree pieces are meticulously crafted in Portugal’s most beautiful town, Viana de Costello. Designed in honor of the love legend of princess Ana by one of the world’s most illustrious jewelry masters: Pedro Xavier.

Pedro Xavier found his passion to work with gems and precious metals when he was just 17. He dedicated his career to delicately design unique masterpieces as tokens of romance and passion. We sat down with Pedro to learn about his journey to become one of the most sought-after filigree craftsmen.
He let us in on the secrets of his creative process, how life‘s beauty inspires the allure of each piece, and how he infuses his jewels with unique stories of nostalgia and love. 


What inspired you to become a designer of fine jewelry? What does the journey of mastering gold- and silver-smithing look like?

Xavier: All my life I’ve been very connected to the world of craft tools. My family business is an iron hardware store. So, for as long as I can remember I've been around tools, playing with nails, hammers. I still have nostalgic memories of the smell of iron and glue.
In my childhood, I was most fascinated by chandeliers with crystal hangings. The delicacy of the crystals, how they sparkled, kept me wondering how crystals were made. So, you can say a great part of my professional choice comes from my childhood. I knew from a very young age, 17 years old, what my passion was - to work with gems and metals.
I guess, knowing early what you want to do as a professional makes it much easier to know where to invest in your own education and training. That training took 4 years, always directed to the jewelry craftsmanship.

The Cherry Blossom Collection is one of our most illustrious pieces. What was your inspiration behind it?



Xavier: The CHERRY BLOSSOM collection has New York City‘s cherry blossoms as its starting point. One of several phases in the creative process is to do your research.

I did my research on how the cherry trees were a friendship gift from the Japanese government in 1912 to the city of New York. Then I learned all about the cherry blossom - its nature, colors - such as white and light pink. All this captivated me and gave me inspiration to create the collection.
We may have phases when our state of mind or life won’t allow us to be spontaneously creative. That’s why there’s the creative process to help generate beauty and get in-sync.

We may have phases when our life won’t allow us to be spontaneously creative. That's why there’s the creative process to help generate beauty

One of our most popular pieces is the Viana Heart Ring – your own design. Why do you think this traditional Portuguese design still has so much appreciation today, when many current trends show an interest in symmetrical, minimalist shapes? 

Xavier: In any beautiful jewelry piece, there’s a story. Traditional pieces take us back to our childhood, grandparents, aunts… People who somehow were parts of our lives, even if only for a short while. These people would wear accessories, jewelry that make us travel back to those memories. That’s why it’s said some jewels never go out of fashion – that even today, the Viana Heart Ring’s design is timeless.

How long does it take to put your ideas into realization? Which part of designing a piece of jewelry is the most difficult for you?

Xavier: Creating what doesn’t exist or recreating what has already been invented, everything is challenging. You just have to be willing to embrace it with an open heart and passionate determination.

Creating unique designs is challenging. You just have to embrace it with passionate determination.

You said earlier that every piece of jewelry tells its own story. So I’m wondering, which story is your favorite?

Xavier: Each piece tells its own unique story. That’s what makes it so interesting. A jewelry piece only becomes a jewel when it’s unique, with its own DNA and story to tell. I like to tell the story of jewelry. All are special, each has their own character.

Seeing how you mastered your craft and the art of telling a story through your art, where are you going from here? What are your plans for the future?

Xavier: I constantly get new projects proposed to me, however I only accept a few. There are some more challenging than others, and that’s what I’m looking for: the challenge.

I’m a curious person who wants to go beyond what I thought I’m capable of. I desire to put myself out of my comfort zone. Usually, I choose the most unique and more difficult projects to execute. Those are the ones I enjoy doing the most.
I like all kinds of projects, some linked to jewelry, others not so much. What’s always in the center is the challenge to be creative.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!


Tell your special love story with bold pieces of filigree beauty. 
With the help of jewelry master Pedro Xavier, VIANA tells unique stories of true love and passion through the finest pieces of filigree jewelry there are. From the Cherry Blossom Collection to our symbol of eternal romance, the Viana Heart Ring, VIANA’s jewelries are timeless statements of the beauty within.
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