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Viana do Castelo is the most beautiful town in Portugal, and it is completely wrapped by the love legend of its once princess Ana. This love story shows the strength and selfless hearts of Viana do Castelo women. As a founder and entrepreneur, I not only want the world to know this story and amazing jewelry but also I wish to build prosperity for this city and its great people. I don’t see a better way to honor the Viana’ women.

I invite you to be a part of this love story and to perpetuate it!

Here is a short video about Viana Legendary love story.

Centuries ago, in the village of Viana do Castelo in northern Portugal, a beautiful girl named Ana fell in love with Thomas, a poor craftsman. Her father, Don Florentin, was determined that his daughter should wed a nobleman, and when he caught the couple meeting in secret, he sentenced the young man to death. To save her beloved, Ana promised to marry a man of her father’s choosing.

In order to guarantee a son-in-law of means, Don Florentin decreed that Ana would marry whatever man presented her with the most exquisite set of jewelry to wear on their wedding day. In support of the couple’s love, each woman in the village offered the young artisan a small piece of gold, which Thomas used to create a beautiful and intricate heart as a symbol of his love. On the day of the selection, the beauty of Thomas’s offering was so extraordinary that Don Florentin was compelled to accept the marriage. 

In celebration of such beautiful love, the women of the village appear once a year in front of Ana's window, each displaying one of Thomas’s intricate golden hearts — proof for Ana that he his love for her would last forever. The legend grew, and to this day, the women of Viana do Castelo still use the symbol of a golden heart to celebrate the young couple’s eternal love.

Our Jewelry is still made in Viana do Castelo by local goldsmiths using traditional tools and techniques. Our jewelry is created in the style of 'filigree' which is finely woven strands of silver and gold intricately joined to create stunning designs that reflect eternal love. Viana Heart's founder met his wife in Viana do Castelo and Viana Hearts Jewelry was started to share the finest Portuguese Jewelry with customers in the United States who appreciate the finest of handcrafted precious jewelry.

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